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Su-hee Kim (Director)

1969.04 Establishment of YookYoung Foundation
1982.10 Inauguration of Chairman Geun-hye Park
1983.03 Kindergarten 14th Class established
1984.02 First graduation and completion
1990.12 Geun-ryeong Park appointed as CEO
2000.08 Kindergarten 12th Class established
2001.02 18th graduation and completion
2001.11 Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education conducts sampling scholarship
2005.12 Awarded appreciation plaque by the Seoul Metropolitan Superintendent
2009.04 Inauguration of Chairman Soo-yeon Cho
2010.11 1cycle assessment of kindergarten
2011.09 Appointment of Soo-hee Kim,
Kindergarten Director
2013.02 30th graduation and completion
2013.11 Seoul Early Childhood Education & Promotion Center Selected as a 2013
Kindergarten for early childhood experience education program
‘Promote nature-friendly education by linking outdoor areas and forest programs’
2015.11 Publication of professional book ‘Expression education’
(5years old curriculum)
2015.12 Received an award for excellent kindergarten for innovative early childhood
education by Seoul Sungdong district office of Education
2016.01 33th graduation and completion
2017.12 Selected as one of the 50 best kindergartens nationwide Award from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Business agreement with affiliated kindergarten of Jeju International University
2018.09 Jin-ho Lee appointed as CEO